It starts with God

Everything starts with God. If God is for us, no one stands a chance against us. If God is for us, we will do everything according to His will. Praising and worshiping Jesus is just as important as having an intimate relationship with Him

Disciples’ Celebration

The Sunday service for all age group, where all disciples celebrate their victory in Jesus. Let us praise and worship Him together as well as getting your weekly message to go about our days in God’s peace.

Sunday, 7 AM and 10 AM

Live Streaming

Generation of Joel

Our young generations are future leaders. We have to love them as God loves them. By nurturing their spirit creatively, they surely will be future preachers in their fields.

GEL Youth

For 17 and up

Sunday, 4 PM

GEL Teens

For 12-16

Sunday, 1 PM

GEL Kids

For 0-11

Sunday, 7.30 AM  (7-11)
10.30 AM (0-6)


As it is written in the bible, we have this very obligation as disciples. Therefore, Duta Discipleship Church prepares its members to go and light up the world as they live. Throughout classes and meetings, disciples – as we call the members – will be taught about living to The Kingdom standard. Held once weekly, as well as getting close, disciples will discuss everyday matters as they influence our whole impact as followers of Jesus.

More About Discipleship


As social beings, we need each other. We not just need each other, we have to love each other. As Jesus himself commands, “love one another”, it is just as important as loving God. DDC is committed to helping those in need through outreach ministries.

Pengobatan Gratis

On weekly basis, volunteers open the parking lot and taking people and provide them with medical services, including check-up, blood pressure, as well as general medication. With gratitude, smile, and prayer.

Berbagi Kasih

As well as providing free medical services, DDC has been giving basic needs for families in packages (“sembako” in Indonesia). We love people, regardless of their background, ethnicity, race, and belief. Only by doing it through actions, people will experience God’s love.

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